Making a difference

Year 3/4F and 4D have been busy this term working on their Endangered Animals project. From writing non-chronological reports to designing and creating informative posters, they have learnt a lot about different endangered animals and the threats they face. As a result, they decided they wanted to do something to really make a difference!

They are now focusing on being able to use persuasive language by writing persuasive letters in Literacy lessons and creating their documentaries about endangered animals. To ignite this stage of their project they held a campaign day on Tuesday. They wanted to make their voices heard and raise money to help protect endangered animals.

They spent the morning baking cakes and designing posters in preparation for their bake sale after school.



In the afternoon, they took their posters on a campaign march around Brooklands and Broughton! It was great to go out in the community to share their passion about saving endangered animals. Their chanting and posters definitely got lots of attention!

Even after such a busy day, they weren’t finished yet. They held a bake sale after school and raised a huge £113! This money will be used for each class to adopt an endangered animal with the WWF!

It was such a successful day and we are so proud of the children’s work and passion to get their voices heard for such a good cause! We look forward to sharing the rest of our work with you at the end of the term!

Year 5 Frozen Planet Ignite!


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Today, Year 5 have had a visit from Oli, an explorer who has ventured through the Arctic. Oli told us exactly what it was like to live in Arctic conditions and told us fascinating stories about how he and his team survived their great expedition! After finding out about him, the children were lucky enough to learn how animals keep themselves warm in Arctic conditions, create global awareness campaigns and produce art work for our environments.

The engagement from the children has been fantastic today!

Well done Year 5!

Chocolate ignite!

Today we had a visit from Mrs Fry who taught us all about chocolate. We learnt all about the history of chocolate and where chocolate comes from. Also we got to taste different chocolates – one was lemon flavour!! Everyone got to make their own chocolate lolly which was whatever shape we wanted. There were lollies of every shape – hearts,  stars,  trees and even crocodiles!

Can you guess what shape these chocolate lollies are?


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Beach day!

To ignite the Year 2 lighthouse project we had a very exciting beach day! We came into school in beach clothes and made seagulls,  played in the sandpit and created videos. We even had an ice cream!

Here are some photos of our day. ..


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3C Greek Ignite Day

Thank you to all of 3C who on Friday took part in our Greek Ignite Day. A fabulous time was had by all.

We learnt about the story of the battles in Ancient Greece as well as how to make bracelets, pots and mosaics. The children enjoyed making all their items and I hope you have now heard all about them.

The year 3 team are ready to start learning all about the Greeks 🙂

Thank you to all the parent support we received as well. We could not have done it without you. A big thank you for costumes too.

Miss Ahlrichs

On Friday when we returned from lunch Miss Draper’s chair had disappeared! All that was left were a few dusty hand and foot prints. We set about trying to solve the mystery and luckily for us some detectives came in to help us. They shared with us what they look at to solve mysteries. We learnt that we would need to look at hair and eye colour, height, hand and foot prints. To help us, we also made some magnifying glasses so we could look at clues up close. During the afternoon, the detectives sent through some additional clues. We now had a list of four possible people responsible. Looking carefully, we were able to identify a couple of the eyes and hair styles. By the end of the day we had discovered where Miss Draper’s chair had disappeared too!

Perhaps you can share your findings with your parents!

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