Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day so this afternoon 3/4F and 4D spent some time discussing how to stay safe online. We particularly focused on learning about how to be a good friend online and how we can help keep each other safe. We had lots of discussion about different scenarios and situations as well as activities sorting kind acts and unkind acts online. 

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to Miss Holloway and Miss Gilders.

Applying our Learning

3/4F have been learning short multiplication to multiply two or three digit numbers by a 1 digit number. After lots of guided groups and independent practise we have all mastered this method to our year group standard! Today we applied our learning to a competitive team quiz, Kahoot! We had lots of fun playing against each other whilst practicing our short multiplication method.  We also had to work well in teams!


Year 4 Achieving

Every friday, 3/4F and 4D gather to share and celebrate achievements of the classes and individuals. We celebrate children who are achieving on mathletics and spellodrome, children who have achieved their next steps and children who are showing the expected handwriting and presentation to be awarded their Pen License.

Here are the children we celebrated today! Well done to you all!

Creating Our Posters

3/4F and 4D have been working hard creating their information posters about their chosen endangered animals.

This week we have focused on creating persuasive slogans and sketching scientific drawings of our animals. Miss Gilders and Miss Holloway have been so impressed with the quality of the work produced so far and the high learning zones everyone has been in.


Golden Mile

After working in high learning zones this afternoon, 4D and 3/4F definitely needed a brain break! So we laced up our trainers and went outside to run or walk laps of the playground for the golden mile.

This much needed and well deserved break made sure that when we returned to class we were able to continue achieving high learning zones!

Sharing Our Learning

4d and 3/4F have been achieving in trios as they created google slide presentations about an endangered animal. Some of the animals they researched are: tigers, sea horses, black rhino, Galápagos penguins, panda and sea turtles.

Todya we shared our presentations with other trios

All of the research they have collected will also be used to write their own non-chronological report about their chosen endangered animal. We look forward to sharing these with you!

Year 4 Project – Endangered Animals Research

This week, Year 4 have been working hard researching Endangered Animals! They have found out all sorts of fantastic facts and have been amazing us with their knowledge and enthusiasm.

We have also been looking at all the continents in the world, as well as the names of the oceans. We know where the Equator, and the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn are too!

We have challenged ourselves to see how many countries in Europe we can name. Our class record on Countess Way is 40 European Countries! How many do you think you can name?



Cross Country

Thank you to everyone that came and supported our 24 runners on Saturday morning. It was such a fantastic sporting morning despite the rain and mud!! The children were amazing and represented Brooklands with true style and confidence.  As individuals and as teams they did amazingly, with one of our Year 6 girls finishing 2nd out of around 150!!

Thank you again to everyone that helped and supported, especially our marshals!